Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Family

Happy Family. Stitched words: Max and his Mommys, Mommy Lori, Mommy Janet. Xylene Transfer on tea-stained muslin. Hand beading and stitching. 25" x 31" unframed. 31" x 37" framed.  Click on image to enlarge.

This was the first in the series to really use any colors and I'm pleased with the results. I knew that this portrait had to reflect a childlike happiness. The rainbow is perfect and simultaneously almost the colors found in the Gay Pride flag...except I didn't use two blues, indigo and cyan.

I've known Lori for years and years. She's the owner of my favorite fabric shop, The House of Fabric, also known as Chez Fabrique. Her grandfather started it and until the summer of 2010 he lived above the Main Street shop. Her parents founded and ran the professional theater here in Columbia, Trustus (until their retirement in 2012). As a result, the very best, most interesting, totally exotic, and every other "good" type of fabric for weddings, theater, dance, and specialty is just up the street from me.

Lori, Janet, and Max came by my studio to have this photo snapped and to sign official “models’ releases’. Even Max scribbled his name on the paper.  This truly is a wonderful family.

I used three different kinds of clear sequins under the variety of colored beads and am thrilled with the finished artwork.  The “family” is thrilled too.

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