Monday, October 15, 2012

Overcoming Ovarian Cancer

Overcoming Ovarian Cancer. Stitched words: I chose the most aggressive treatment and Ovarian Cancer Stage IIIc Survivor. Xylene photo transfer on tea-stained muslin. Hand beading and embroidery. 25" x 19", unframed; 31" x 25" framed.  Click on image to enlarge.

Creating this portrait has been an adventure for me. I really didn't know much about ovarian cancer other than that it killed Gilda Radner.  Linda Lynch ( has educated me during our collaborative process of selecting the perfect photo and stitched words. The result is a portrait that addresses the "silent killer" with hope and the resolve of Linda's important decisions. She endured lots of pain, the loss of hair, plenty of fear, and mental anguish. She turned her life over to God, prayed, and fought for her recovery every step of the way. The photo was taken at her doctor's office right after she received the word that the two hundred biopsies from the "second look" surgery had all come back NEGATIVE! Her hair was just starting to grow back. That was ten years ago! I hope that people viewing this artwork see the possibility of survival. I hope that it triggers awareness. To that end, please visit the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition at

Since this portrait was created, Linda and I have kept in touch.  We even met in April 2009 while Linda and her husband were vacationing in North Carolina.

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