Monday, October 15, 2012


Smoker. Stitched words: I enjoy it! Xylene photo transfer on tea-stained muslin. Hand stitched and beaded. Unframed: 25" x 19"; Framed: 31" x 25".  Click on image to enlarge.

Years ago my husband and I started Mouse House, a small custom picture framing business. It took off like a rocket. We needed help but didn't really know who to hire until a college coed suggested her boyfriend for a "summer job" until he went to law school. Well, it worked out.... except that he quit for law school. We told him to find his own replacement. He sent his brother John...who stayed through college and graduate school. Of course, business continued to grow so we told John to "bring a friend to work". John brought David Fancher, his oldest and best friend since childhood.... and we'll all Facebook friends now.

David smoked even then. Lots of people suggested he quit. He always said the same thing:

I enjoy it!

He still does. This is solidly HIS DECISION and I thank him wholeheartedly for sharing it in stitches!

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