Monday, October 15, 2012

Kidney Donor

Kidney Donor. Xylene transfer on tea-stained muslin. Machine and hand embroidery and beading. 25" x 18". Stitch words: I Gave My Kidney. Background word: Donor (repeated).  Click on image to enlarge.

I never thought I’d actually find a person for this decision but we were put together in one of those serendipitous ways that made this portrait simply flow into existence.  The generous person posing elected to remain anonymous, saying that the decision was simply “the right thing to do”.

The piece begs the question:  Would you give a kidney (or bone marrow or tissue, etc.)?  For most of us, we will never be asked.  For some of us the answer would be "yes".  For some of us, the answer would be "no".  This donor had siblings who were also perfect matches ... but the only one to say "yes".

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